Introductory Post: Diane Ring

I am delighted to have joined my fellow tax bloggers in this consolidated blogging endeavor. I am Diane Ring, and I teach tax law in its many forms at Boston College Law School. Not surprisingly, my research has also focused on tax, with a primary emphasis on international tax, ethics, and corporate tax.

In the past few years, my international tax work has been examining the impact of contemporary trends in tax transparency and disclosure. On a separate track, my co-author (and fellow blogger) Shu-Yi Oei and I have been exploring a range of issues in the sharing economy, human capital contracts and other evolving commercial arrangements.

Although posts will likely reflect some of my formal research interests, I see tax everywhere and hope to share this view of the world through the blog. Although my students have pointed out that dogs have featured disproportionately (some might say excessively) in my exams over the years, I imagine canines will play a less prominent role in my posts — although I hold out hope.

My colleague at Boston College Law School, Jim Repetti, and I host a tax policy workshop bringing in outside speakers to present on a variety of interesting and diverse tax topics. These workshops will prove a great source of ideas, debates, and conversations, which I look forward to sharing in my posts.

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