Under His Plan, Will Trump’s Taxes Go Up?

By Sam Brunson

Honestly, we have no way of knowing. For one thing, we don’t know how much Trump currently pays in taxes. For another, the plan he has provided is less a plan than it is a shopping list, a shopping list that’s really light on details. But we can at least make a guess. (Spoiler alert: he probably won’t.) Continue reading “Under His Plan, Will Trump’s Taxes Go Up?”

Call For Panels and Papers: SALT Teaching Conference

Hey look: it’s our first call for papers announcement: The Society of American Law Teachers, together with LatCrit, will be hosting a teaching conference at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago on September 30 and October 1, 2016. From the call for papers and panels:  Continue reading “Call For Panels and Papers: SALT Teaching Conference”