2 thoughts on “Snowden and Taxes

  1. I have no doubt in believing that, as new technologies develop, tax administrators salivate at the possibilities of putting them to their own use. That goes for all tax administrators in the planet.

    The United States aspires to develop effective exit controls and tests mechanisms to achieve that kind of ‘nirvana’. Justified through other means, I have always believed there are other ‘interested users’ of that data that could include tax administrators.

    From the Federal Register, 80 FR 70241, regarding a pilot:

    “CBP will also collect biographic data from all travelers exiting the United States at the Otay Mesa port-of-entry, including U.S. citizens. Biographic data consists of the traveler’s identifying information provided on his or her travel documents, such as full name, date of birth, gender, and country of citizenship […]”

    As far as metadata and locator use, I have no doubt that the capability could be deployed; initially perhaps, for high value cases. Federal budgetary limitations may come into play; but I could not discount state tax authorities to notice and examine how this technology can help increase revenues.


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