Tax Times @ ABA Section of Taxation

By Francine J. Lipmanth

Supervising Editor Professor of Law Linda Beale and her team of outstanding ABA – Tax Section editors, Anne Dunn and Isel Pizarro, and staff have put together an exceptional June 2016 issue of the digital Tax Times. Features include . . .

att-16jun-cuff-terence.jpg  Terrence Cuff’s  The Tax Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come

Jasper L. Cummings, Jr.’s  Missing Scalia?

att-16jun-knudsen-daniel.jpg  Christine A. Brunswick ABA Tax Fellow Daniel Knudson, Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Interview

att-16jun-colvin-john.jpg John Colvin and Claire Taylor’s att-16jun-taylor-claire.jpg U.S. District Judge Rejects Tax Promoters’ Plea Agreement in United States v. Crithfield: A Rare Event, but a Warning to Defense Counsel

att-16jun-mayer-lloyd.jpg Professor Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer on NorCal Tea Party Patriots Opens a Crack in Taxpayer Privacy Protections

att-16jun-cain-patricia.jpg Professor of Law Pat Cain’s Book Review of Whether to Wed: A Legal and Tax Guide for Gay and Lesbian Couples, by Scott E. Squillace (December 15, 2013)

and more … here, including pieces on the European Commission Anti-Tax-Avoidance Package, Bankruptcy rules for tax attorneys, tax relief for victims of landslides, career paths in tax, Young Tax Lawyer’s Symposium, and a piece from me on

att-16jun-lipman-francine.jpgpoverty and tax justice passion warriors in the Capital City that includes an eye-opening summary of the numerous state EITC provisions.

Congratulations ABA – Tax Section on a comprehensive and inclusive tax publication. Enjoy!




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