Podcast: Require Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns?

By: Philip Hackney

On this morning where we have a newly elected president, Sam Brunson and I discussed in a #CookingtheBooks Podcast whether Congress should pass legislation requiring a presidential candidate to disclose some number of years of tax returns in order to run for office.

Sam argued here on the blog a couple of days ago that this should be a requirement. I agree with him, but neither of us believe the failure to disclose those returns was a critical factor in a Trump win. We just think it tells the American people something important about the person who will be leading the country.

We also discussed a little bit about what tax policy might look like in a Trump administration. Sam, ever the optimist, is worried but not terribly about Trump tax policy. Feeling a bit pessimistic myself this morning, and having lived through 8 years of Governor Jindal in Louisiana and very afraid that this will lead to enormous deficits.

In the end, we look very much forward to critiquing Trump tax policy as much as we would have critiqued Clinton tax policy.

Anyway, give the podcast a listen and let us know what you think. We enjoy the medium as another channel for discussing tax policy.

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