Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Tax Opinions


Tax-gift giving this holiday season just got so much easier!! Look what arrived just in time to celebrate the end of 2017! The FIRST in a series of subject-matter volumes of US Feminist Judgments is the Feminist Judgements: Rewritten Tax Opinions.

Featuring fantastic contributions by Surly Subgroup colleague Professor of Law Jennifer Bird-Pollan and dream team editors: James D. Hopkins Professor of Law Bridget J. Crawford and Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney Faculty Scholar, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies Faculty (affiliate) and Professor of Law Anthony C. Infanti,

Commentary and rewritten tax opinions by Tax Professors and Scholars Extraordinaire Appleberry, Beale, Bird-PollanBrennen, Cain, Christensen, Cords, Cruz, Drumbl, Fellows, Gerzog, Heen, Knauer, Lahey, Lipman, Maynard, Murphy, Pratt, RobinsonRobson, Tait, Thompson, and Waterhouse Wilson.

Any and all tax professionals, academics and scholars of tax, feminism, critical theory, government, SCOTUS, courts, economic policy, gender, sexuality, and women’s studies will love this collection. Loud applause go to the exceptionally gifted Feminist Judgment Series Editors: James D. Hopkins Professor of Law Bridget J. Crawford, Jack E. Feinberg Professor of Litigation Professor of Law  Kathryn M. Stanchi and Family Foundation Professor of Law Linda L. Berger.

feministCongratulations to all!     Graphic by Martine Ehrhart

2 thoughts on “Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Tax Opinions

    1. The gift that keeps on giving …Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family Susie! Hope to see you in San Diego soon!


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