The IU Maurer Law School’s 2019 Tax Policy Colloquium

By Leandra Ledermancolloquium2019poster

Indiana University Maurer School of Law’s 2019 Tax Policy Colloquium will kick off on Thursday, January 17. My colleague David Gamage is hosting the Colloquium this year, and I’m really excited to hear from the terrific line-up of speakers! Andrew Hayashi from Viriginia Law School will kick off the semester with his work in progress, Countercyclical Tax Bases. 

As I explained last year, The Tax Policy Colloquium is a course for students that features a series of speakers. The structure involves a background session with the students in alternate weeks, to help them get up to speed on the concepts presented in the paper draft. The workshops are open to the law school community and interested guests. They are usually attended not only by the students in the course but also by me, David Gamage, senior tax attorney/Maurer alumnus Tim Riffle, and a few other faculty, typically law school colleagues and/or tax or economics faculty from other schools on campus. We also invite other attorneys practicing in Bloomington and Indianapolis, taxprofessors from other area law schools, students not enrolled in the class, and local judicial clerks. We typically have a nice group that includes our “regulars” plus others interested in the particular topic.

Here is the full schedule for 2019. (Please note that some paper titles are tentative and may change.)

    • Jan. 17, 2019
      Andrew Hayashi
      Professor of Law
      University of Virginia School of Law 
      Countercyclical Tax Bases  
    • Jan. 31, 2019
      Lily Batchelder
      Frederick I. and Grace Stokes Professor of Law
      New York University School of Law
      Optimal Tax Theory as a Theory of Distributive Justice
    • Feb. 14, 2019
      Larry Zelenak
      Pamela B. Gann Professor of Law
      Duke University School of Law 
      The NCAA and the IRS: Life at the Intersection of College Sports and the Federal Income Tax
    • Feb. 28, 2019
      Vanessa Williamson
      Fellow in Governance Studies
      The Brookings Institution 
      Filer Voter: A Field Experiment Assessing Voter Registration at Tax Time
    • Mar. 21, 2019
      Lily Faulhaber
      Professor of Law
      Georgetown University Law Center 
      Is Digital Different?: Economic Nexus and Other Efforts to Respond to the Changing International Tax Landscape
    • Apr. 4, 2019
      Sam Brunson
      Georgia Reithal Professor of Law
      Loyola University Chicago School of Law 
      Charity Deferred: Donor-Advised Funds and the Timing of Deductions

For my posts on the papers that were presented in last year’s Tax Policy Colloquium, see

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