Update on the Future of Treasury Regulations

cfrBy Sam Brunson

I previously wrote about the fact that Treasury and the IRS were going to essentially stop issuing guidance in light of the Trump administration’s one-in-two-out rule for regulations.[fn1]

There seems to be some movement on this front. Yesterday, Commissioner Koskinen announced that the IRS was set to begin issuing “subregulatory” guidance again. He didn’t define what he meant by subregulatory, but it probably includes revenue procedures, notices, and revenue rulings, at least. (Interestingly enough, the Tax Notes reporting doesn’t mention revenue rulings,[fn2] while the BNA reporting does. I don’t know if that difference is accidental, or if the two organizations are interpreting differently what Commissioner Koskinen means by subregulatory.) Continue reading “Update on the Future of Treasury Regulations”

The Freedom Caucus and Koskinen

To follow up on Leandra’s post from two weeks ago: various news sources are reporting that the House Freedom Caucus is planning to make a “privileged resolution” sometime today to force a vote on impeaching Commissioner Koskinen. (Which makes sense: the Freedom Caucus’s Twitter feed seems to be all-impeach-Koskinen-all-the-time.) If they pass the resolution, they hope to force a vote on the impeachment within the next two days.

Stay tuned.