A Tax Professor Feels a Little at Sea

Credit: https://nameourship.nerc.ac.uk

Last Thursday, Tulane Law School held its annual faculty scholarly retreat, which basically means we cloistered ourselves in a downtown conference room and workshopped eight papers over the course of a day. ’twas a nice end-of-semester opportunity to appreciate and engage with everybody’s work. I got to be discussant on a paper by my colleague, Martin Davies, Cross-Border Insolvency and Admiralty: A Middle Path of Reciprocal Comity, a working version of which was recently published in the Comité Maritime International 2015 Yearbook.  Martin is the Director of Tulane’s Maritime Law Center, and he has kindly given me permission to blog the paper here.

Warning: This blog post discusses areas of law that are only marginally related to tax law, which some may find unsettling. On the other hand, the paper implicates some interesting jurisdictional and distributional issues that parallel some of those found in international tax.

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