Happy Tax Day. Also, Here We Are

Today is Tax Day. (Yes, we’re completely aware that the Code says returns are due on April 15, and that April 15 was last Friday. But, it turns out, Friday was also the day Emancipation Day—a holiday in D.C.—was observed. Which pushed Tax Day to the following Monday. Unless you live in Massachusetts or Maine, which celebrate Patriots’ Day today. So, for our readers in Massachusetts and Maine, we’re wishing you a happy Tax Day a day early.)

Wait, where was I? Right. Tax Day. We thought Tax Day would be an auspicious day to launch a new group tax blog. So here we are. We have a great stable of bloggers. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll start introducing ourselves and launching conversations about tax law, tax policy, and the intersection of tax and all sorts of other things. Also, we hope that someone will explain our name. We hope you’ll read, and we hope you’ll participate in the conversations with us.

Until then, this is the first of what we hope will be many Tax Day greetings.

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