Introduction Post: Philip Hackney

My name is Philip Hackney. I am a professor of law  and a member of the Surly Subgroup who is particularly interested in Subchapter F. Today was not Tax Day for me – that is on May 15 instead. For the Surly Subgroup, I will focus primarily on issues surrounding nonprofit organizations. I worked for the Office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS in its Tax Exempt Government Entities division for 5 years with a focus on exempt nonprofit organizations. This experience deeply influences my work.

Many people think of only charitable organizations when they hear the term nonprofit organization, but it is a much more diverse sector than just charitable. The NFL and the NCAA are both nonprofit organizations. I often view nonprofits through an interest group lens. Trade associations, labor unions, and social welfare organizations (think Tea Party) all play a big part in our democracy and are subject to some of our most divisive issues such as campaign finance and fights over inequality. Although many might think of the nonprofit sector as a sleepy powerless backwater in our economy and in our political system, it is anything but. I hope to share my fascination with the nonprofit sector and its relationship to our taxation system with you on this blog. I will also blog about public policy, tax administration, nonprofit governance, and maybe occasionally my deep frustration with some significant tax and public policy problems with my home state of Louisiana.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to interacting with this surly subgroup and with you the readers.

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