Hello world!

By: Shu-Yi Oei

I’m excited to be blogging on this site!

By way of introduction, I’m Shuyi. I teach tax classes and a legal scholarship workshop at Tulane Law School. My research interests are largely in tax law, though I tend to get curious about bankruptcy law, debtor-creditor law, and social insurance issues as well.

A lot of my research to date has been about tax collections mechanisms (such as the federal tax lien and the offer in compromise procedure), social insurance issues, and forbearance in tax administration. More recently, I’ve been working on a series of projects with my co-author, Diane Ring, dealing with the sharing economy, income sharing, human capital contracts, and other innovative transactions. I’ve very much enjoyed both lines of research, for very different reasons. I’ll likely be posting about these and other topics on this blog.

Taxes aside, I’m also an erstwhile student of the martial arts and denizen of New Orleans. Expect to see posts about these things as well, to the extent that they relate to tax policy and tax teaching.

Finally, we’ve been fortunate at Tulane Law to have the opportunity to host a number of tax and non-tax scholarly events, including our regular faculty workshop series, an annual tax roundtable, a property law roundtable, and a legal scholarship workshop series focused on the regulation of economic activity. I’ll blog here about scholarly happenings at Tulane Law and Tulane’s Murphy Institute as well.

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