The Zelda Tax

Yesterday, the House Republicans posted “What Do the The Legend of Zelda and the American Tax Code Have In Common?”

Sadly, by the time I read about it on Twitter, the post had been taken down.

Why did the post come down? Probably because it was instantly and ruthlessly scorned, mostly because it claimed Nintendo had been founded in 1985 (it was founded in 1889). It has now been reposted with the dates corrected.

Unfortunately, the GOP didn’t correct the bigger flaw in the post: it promised something awesome and failed to deliver. See, what do Zelda an the Internal Revenue Code have in common? Zelda was released in 1986 and the last fundamental tax reform happened in 1986.

I wish I could write something insightful about Zelda and the federal income tax, but sadly, the only video game I really played growing up was Super Mario Bros., and that was just when I was babysitting. But I have faith that our readers can do better than I can.[fn1]

So in the comments help me (and the GOP) out: what video game, new or classic, can we most profitably compare to the Code, and what do the two have in common?

[fn1] FWIW, the A.V. Club offered the GOP a far more interesting comparison. Ultimately, though, they’re entertainment people and we’re tax people, so I suspect we can level up here.

One thought on “The Zelda Tax

  1. Oregon Trail – it’s difficult, involves a lot of planning, farmers get the best bonuses, and someone is going to die of dysentery


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