Evelyn Brody in the Gallery

By Sam Brunson

Evelyn Brody with her painting “When in French”

Have you ever wondered what tax professors do when they’re not doing tax? In the case of Evelyn Brody (Chicago-Kent College of Law), one answer is art.

I’m sure most people who read this blog are familiar with Evelyn’s academic work, but if you’re not, she teaches and writes broadly in the income tax and nonprofit law areas. She also paints.

And when I say paints,” I mean it. Almost two weeks ago, she opened “Suspended Animation,” an exhibition of her pastels at the Leslie Wolfe Gallery. This afternoon I went to the reception she hosted at the gallery.

It was a pretty spectacular exhibition. Evelyn’s a talented painter, and I love the stories she tells. The vast majority of the 20+ paintings hanging in the gallery show urban scenes, either of people on public transportation or people in art museums. (There are a couple other pieces, including a still life and “Chillaxin’,” a reclining neon outline of a person, well, chillaxin’.) She also displayed sketches for several of the pieces she displayed.

So if you’re in Chicago in the next ten days, can I recommend that you come see some great art and support a colleague’s non-tax endeavors? And if you’re not, at least take a look at Evelyn’s art, which is available on her website.

And congratulations on the show, Evelyn!

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